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Ultimate P1s, the web guy broke it, then surprisingly fixed it.

Hey there, Ultimate P1s! It’s your friendly “2 Guys Named Chris” web guy here, and boy, do I have some news for you! But before we dive into the juicy stuff, let me start by saying thank you for your incredible patience and unwavering support. You guys rock harder than a classic rock guitar solo, and we truly appreciate you.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – the recent subscription service roller coaster. You may have noticed a few bumps in the road lately, like having to contact us manually for subscription updates or getting charged multiple times. Well, guess what? We heard you, and we’ve been working harder than an air-guitar solo to make things right!

Fixing the Subscription Fiasco Remember the days when updating your billing info or canceling a subscription felt like decoding ancient hieroglyphics? Yeah, we do too, and we’re not proud of it. But good news – we’ve revamped our system! Now, you have the power to update, cancel, or resubscribe with the ease of a classic rock riff. It’s as smooth as a Hendrix guitar solo, and you’re in control! Having a billing issue? Click here & let us know!

“The Good Old Days” are Back We get it; losing “The Good Old Days” podcast content was like misplacing your favorite vinyl record. But the nostalgia train is back on track! We’ve resurrected that beloved category, and it’s better than ever. Get back to listening to the most original & our earliest content. It’ll make you feel like you’re back in the golden era of rock ‘n’ roll.

Oops, We Broke It – But We Fixed It! Okay, here’s the part where we humbly admit that we goofed up a bit. Some of you ended up with multiple subscription accounts or got charged more times than you’d care to admit. Our bad! To make amends, we’ve set up a handy-dandy form where you can notify us about these mishaps. We’re committed to sorting things out and issuing those refunds faster than a drumroll at a Led Zeppelin concert. You can access that form here.

A Little Web Guy Humor Now, about that blame game. Yep, the morning show team has been teasing me as their “web guy” 😏 👿. But hey, if we can’t find humor in the occasional tech hiccup, what can we laugh at? So, let’s keep it light and remember that it’s all part of the rock ‘n’ roll experience. We’re in this together, after all!

In conclusion, Ultimate P1s, you’re the heartbeat of our show, and we’re incredibly grateful for your support. We’ve tackled the subscription service issues, brought back “The Good Old Days,” and set things right for those who got caught up in the chaos. We’ll keep the rock rolling, the humor flowing, and the updates coming your way!

Stay tuned, stay awesome, and keep rocking on with “2 Guys Named Chris.”

The 2GNC Web Guy