Chris Kelly I was born in Asheboro, North Carolina on April 11, 1971 and things were great.

My mother immediately began doing my laundry…a practice she continued until I married at age 31. I had the typical childhood…lots of sports. Mostly I waited to be picked last and then be booed when I struck out to end the game.

In my teenage years, I bounced back and forth from high school to a bar-b-que restaurant, Henry James BBQ, where I specialized in making
hushpuppies on the line. In my spare time, you could find me shopping for my clothing at the Portly and Proud, which has now closed, or playing
Pac-Man at the arcade and pretending I was not a virgin.

I got my first radio job at a little 5000 watt radio station called the Kickin’ Chicken, WKXR in my home town. They hired me mostly because they needed someone to fill out the chicken suit and provide entertainment for store openings. This did not last long as I tended to scare the children and in fact am still dealing with litigation over a 1988 incident at JC Penny.

I went through all these humiliating moments because I knew that after going through all that, I could eventually attain my dream…attending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This never happened…but I still pretend it did.

After college I immediately went back to work in radio. My father asked why he had spent the money on a college education since I went right back into the job I had before going to college. Frankly, a good question.

In 2002 I got married. Most people think I either drugged or paid a woman to be with me, but I swear I won her heart the old fashioned
way…hypnosis. We have two kids…Bennett and Katherine. My family is unbelievably supportive of all of my two endeavors…the 2 Guys Named Chris Show…and pickleball. I hope you listen and I hope to see you on the courts.